Let’s Be Honest About NFL Ratings

There are some who believe that the low tv ratings for the NFL are due to the player’s protests. According to an SI poll, 52% of viewers don’t think it’s the protests. Even though players have repeatedly said that the protests aren’t about disrespecting the flag, or anyone but bringing awareness of the injustices of minorities. Then, you have ‘orange’ calling folks, ‘SOBs’ and demanding that they stand for the flag. Umm, I thought this was the land of the free? Who am I to force views/opinions/thoughts on my neighbors or anyone? And more so, why aren’t you listening to what these players are saying? After all, they’re the ones putting their health on the line every week just to entertain us.

The tv ratings isn’t about the protests, but about everything else that’s going on in the league:

  1. Cheaters are winners and everyone and higher-ups are ok with that….Tom Brady.
  2. Concussions are on the rise in the sport. Maybe parents don’t want their kids playing for the that reason. If you haven’t seen it, watch the movie, ‘Concussion.’
  3. League disciplinarian policies are a joke. Repeat offenders/dirty players get reduced suspensions all the time. How long did it take for Ezekiel Eliot to start serving his 6 game suspension?
  4. Female fans are done waiting for the NFL to take domestic violence seriously.
  5. The No Fun League…until this season, touchdown celebrations were banned/flagged. Now, it’s a circus show after every touchdown.
  6. Saturation. NFL used to have one day that was theirs (Sunday). Now, you have Monday, Thursday and when playoff season roll around, Saturday’s. It’s way too much.
  7. Injuries Galore. How many fantasy teams are busted because of injuries. Seems like every week, a major player goes down. People watch for the headliners, not the second string.
  8. Games are simply bad. The quality at the quarterback position is abysmal this year and teams that were projected to be Superbowl contenders, aren’t what they used to be.

Unless your team is doing well this season, there’s just no need to watch until the NFL get their act together.

Why I’m Afraid of ‘A Christmas Story Live’

Every Christmas, I have to watch ‘A Christmas Story.’ Ever since I was a kid, and TBS started playing it 24hrs, I would watch it. Yes, I have the dvd, but I don’t care, on Christmas Day, it will be watched.

A few weeks ago, I saw a preview for the live performance, and I’m not quite sure how I feel about it? Honestly, it scares me. How many movies were remade or had a sequel and you instantly regretted or wished that they hadn’t touched it at all? (Transformers, Footloose, Weird Science, etc)

The most recent for me was Dirty Dancing thirty year anniversary. F’cking horrible! Everything about it was painful. The actor who played Johnny scowled the entire time and tried too hard to be tough. It was in musical form and there was no lift. Umm excuse me, no lift? If you are going to cast a larger leading lady (which I enjoyed..she wasn’t your typical stick figure actress), the guy should be able to lift. I mean when you think of Dirty Dancing, you anxiously waited for the final dance number.

It took everything in my power not to annihilate my television that night. So now, when I think of ‘A Christman Story,’ I’m just not sure if I can do it? I know this is a play/theatrical verision, but I still have my reservations. I’m hoping it will be good, but I can’t bring myself to watch it.

Step Up Your Standards Heisman

After watching college football highlights, I was appalled when I saw the actions of OU’s quarterback, Baker Mayfield. But his actions weren’t all that surprising to me. Mayfield is just one of many football players (college and NFL) that I have zero respect for. What’s also surprising is the fact that this guy is still the Heisman front runner.

Ok, I get it…you have a chip on your shoulder because you felt like school ‘A’ did you wrong, so you transfered to school ‘B’ because you have something to prove. Why not just prove it on the field? Do you have to be a douche? I’ll give Mayfield credit, he’s a good quarterback in a college system, but will that translate at the pro level?

What sickens me, is that Mayfield is still the front runner of this year’s Heisman competition and I don’t understand why? Well, I get it, kind of. The Heisman selection committee only look at what happens on the football field and nothing else. Ok, point taken. But why not up your standards and look at not only happens on the football field but off it as well? What about character? Leadership? What players do for their communities? The only thing you hear about Saquon Barkley is his on-field play, but because Penn State lost two games, he’s no longer worthy?

Honestly, I’ve kind of lost respect for the Heisman and what it stands for for three reasons: (1) only offensive players win majority of the time, (2) I can’t remember the last a student from a non power conference won? (3) Johnny Manzel won the coveted trophy and we all know how that turned out. I honestly wonder that if the Heisman selection committee looked at more than just on field performance, would that catastrophe had happened?

I mean seriously, you have to go back to 1997 when Charles Woodson (CB) won the trophy. So defensive players, you know where you stand. IF you attend a school that’s not a powerhouse, you virtually have no chance ofwinning. Which is a shame because the quarterback at UCF, McKenzie Milton, is a hell of a quarterback, who hasn’t been in the news for on-field/off-field antics. And lastly, you mean that no other college football player was better than Manzel? Seriously?

Many people just write off Mayfield’s behavior by saying, ‘he’s just a kid.’ Umm, no! The last time I checked, he’s a grown ass man. We’re all taught right from wrong at an early age, so why should his behaviors be written off? Or, ‘it was the heat of the moment,’ and yet you should still keep your composure. As a college athlete, especially since you are a Heisman candidate, you have to know that eyes will be on you at all times. I mean when will you get it through your thick skull and when will we get fed up with his bullsh*t behavior.

It’s like every week, this guy is apologizing for something. Well, if you simply play the game and act like you have common sense, this wouldn’t be an issue. Mayfield, stop embarrassing yourself, your parents, your team, your coaches, OU and college football. His punishment…losing his captain status and not starting in today’s game. Really? OU grow a pair. This guy is supposed to represent your school and what you stand for. But realistically, OU can’t afford to not play him.

Netflix: “Big Mouth” Review

Sitting at home bored on a Friday night (I know…lame), I was scrolling through my cable box recommendations on what I should watch. With little luck, I decided to hop onto Netflix because I hadn’t watched anything on there in a while. While scrolling through countless titles, from things I would potentially be interested in, to those I have no clue why the hell it’s recommended for me (c’mon Gilmore Girls?), I found ‘Big Mouth.’

Reading the description almost threw me for a loop; a show about going through puberty (the abridged version). I was halfway about to end my search, but the fact that it was animated and I was looking for something mindless to make me sleepy, I decided to give it a try and I’m glad I did (SPOILERS will happen after this paragraph)!

From the first episode, the show took me by surprise, but I should have looked at the rating. This is definitely not suitable for kids, or anyone who is easily offended! It reminded me of, South Park and Family Guy (I never watched American Dad), but much more raunchy.

The series focuses on two male best friends (Nick and Andrew and their female friend, (Jenny) and it touches on every possible detail of being a pubescent teenager. Everything from being in love/heartbreak, to masturbation, dating, porn, rumors, being the third wheel, feeling inadequate, to an odd case of teenage pregnancy. I probably named most of the episodes with that list, but whatever!

I laughed so hard during the first with the ‘Hormone Monster,’ I literally had to call my wife from upstairs to finish the first episode. Yes, we started that one over so she could catch up, and let’s just say that food/drinks were ordered and we definitely binged the entire season. I’m not the type of person to binge anything, but this show was well worth it.

As we continued the season, there were certain situations that personally touched each of us. Whether it was being the third wheel, or touching ourselves for the first time. For me, throughout the series, I could personally relate, or knew someone that went through crap in middle and high school. I swear, had this show been around when I was a teenager, so much would have made sense. I probably would have been better prepared for a ton of different situations.

Seriously, who remembers asking their parents, older sibling, or best friend about sex? Your first boner (is this term even used today)? The first period? The first porn watched? How awkward are things subjects even in today’s society? Who would have loved knowing what the opposite, or the same sex thought about sex and masturbation?

Again, this show is definitely for mature audiences only and will probably take you back to your youth, or prepare you for what’s to come (no pun intended). Viewers need to have tough skin, or be in the right mindset for something this silly. For me, Big Mouth did exactly added comic relief on a boring Friday night. Give it a chance if you dare!


Why ‘Black-ish’ is my jam!

Growing up, Friday nights, TGIF was the place to be for the “end of the week” tv shows. You had Full House, Family Matters and Step by Step. Before TGIF, my family was hooked on The Cosby show because there were no shows on the had (1) leading black actor or (2) predominantly all black cast. The Cosby show and Family Matters gave us both.

And they weren’t just about drugs, violence and other stereotypical stuff set for the lone black person on the show. These shows gave black people a new perspective on TV. Yes, they were families who struggled (like on Good Times) but at the same time, son’s weren’t in gangs or doing drugs and kids werent trouble makers. Instead, the families talked about problems, kids were good in school and went off to college. It was good ole wholesome parents raising their kids the best way that they could.

During this time of divide and uncertainty in the US, Black-ish is one of the only thing shows out there that’s giving black people hope. (1) it’s a predominantly all black cast, (2) the parents are successful and living in a white neighborhood and (3) the kids are figuring out who they are by living in a digital age but having the influence of the grandparents who lived through the 1960s.

Black-ish says what probably many black people want to say but can’t necessarily find the words to explain. The show touches on and deals with, or rather discuss sensitive situations (race issue in American, Trump being elected, Black holidays and more) and they doing it a very comedic yet serious manner. 

It’s not a show that puts down other races or ethnicities, nor is it a show about scheming and violently making your way to the top. It’s a breath of fresh air that I encourage everyone to watch. You don’t have to be black to relate to it. You just have to have an open mind and know that topics people tend to avoid will be discussed and given from a black person’s perspective.

The THEATHER @ National Harbor (venue review)

Not too long ago I went to a Paramore show at the MGM’s Theater at National Harbor. While I’ve been to plenty of Paramore concerts, this was my first time at this venue. So here are my thoughts…

If I’m comparing both MGM’s (Vegas and the Harbor), the National Harbor in general is way brighter. Windows line the entire building and visitors have outside views throughout the place. There’s even a place to go outside to eat, hang out and a designated area to smoke. 

The venue itself is nice with three levels (the floor, a middle section, upper concourse and side balconies. The seats on the floor stretched along the stage and has two huge screens on both sides of the stage for audience’s viewing pleasure.

Now, for a rock concert, I wish the floor was designated as the ‘pit’ or general admission instead of having seats. It was like we couldn’t move. Typically when artists come on stage, everyone rush the stage to get as close as possible. Instead, people tried to push and squeeze to the center making it a bit uncomfortable. And, we couldn’t dance with these floor seats. So, imagine 6-8 rows and three sections of lined folding chairs that you can’t move. The lights go down, everyone lift their seats and push towards the middle….yea, it sucks. If it we’re a comedy show, floor seats makes sense but not for a rock concert.

Other than feeling cramped by a bunch of strangers, the venue is nice. The staff was friendly, exiting the venue (with the staff holding signs and blocking us off from hotel traffic) was a breeze. My other only gripe is exiting the building itself. There are about 6 elevators and way too many people all going to the parking garage. So people trying to cram into elevators was not fun. Where the hell were the stairs??? There were no stairs in sight..dammit! And then, everyone trying to make the left turn trying to exit the parking garage. That was a free for all. My advice…Good luck, be brave getting out there in trying to make your exit and hope that no one hits your car.

Football….wtf? pt. 2

Let’s wander to our northern neighbors, Canada. CFL’s Hamilton Tiger-Cats have been in the news all this week and have come under scrutiny over the hiring of Art Briles. Again, if you’re a football lover, or follow the game, you’re probably scratching your head saying, wtf? I swear, no one does background checks anymore.

IF you’re new to the situation, Art Briles was fired from Baylor University for a major sexual assault scandal involving the football team when was the head coach. On August 28th, it was reported that Briles had received a position as a coach for the Tiger Cats. Shortly after that, Briles was fired.

How in the hell did this guy get hired by a CFL team in the first place? Did the Tiger-Cats not do a background check? Was there no questioning during the interview? Is there a huge lack of offensive coaches that the team had no other choices? I personally and probably hundreds of other people are thankful that Hamilton thought twice and took another look at this person who was to have a leadership role. Honestly, Briles should never be allowed to coach again. Why isn’t he black balled?

Not only did Hamilton have a shyt storm of backlash for the Art Briles move, to make matters worse, the team worked out Johnny ‘football’ Manziel later in the week. Again, unless you haven’t been following football for the last decade, why wasn’t this an immediate red flag? What are you doing Hamilton?

Manziel, who is one of the biggest busts of the NFL in my opinion, has proven time and time that he’s not ready for the spotlight. Everything about Manziel screams cocky and immature, who also had an incident with an ex-girlfriend. His off field problems were too much to handle that NFL coaches didn’t want to deal with him. Johnny may have had success as a college athlete, but quickly proved that he couldn’t handle the NFL.

I personally wonder who’s doing the scouting and hiring for the Tiger-Cats because they need to be fired. There has to be other qualified QB’s and offensive coaches out there. Did you really have to scrape the bottom of the barrel? I’m pretty sure that Hamilton would just rather just scratch this week like it never happened. But, it did and we all saw it!