Netflix: “Big Mouth” Review

Sitting at home bored on a Friday night (I know…lame), I was scrolling through my cable box recommendations on what I should watch. With little luck, I decided to hop onto Netflix because I hadn’t watched anything on there in a while. While scrolling through countless titles, from things I would potentially be interested in, to those I have no clue why the hell it’s recommended for me (c’mon Gilmore Girls?), I found ‘Big Mouth.’

Reading the description almost threw me for a loop; a show about going through puberty (the abridged version). I was halfway about to end my search, but the fact that it was animated and I was looking for something mindless to make me sleepy, I decided to give it a try and I’m glad I did (SPOILERS will happen after this paragraph)!

From the first episode, the show took me by surprise, but I should have looked at the rating. This is definitely not suitable for kids, or anyone who is easily offended! It reminded me of, South Park and Family Guy (I never watched American Dad), but much more raunchy.

The series focuses on two male best friends (Nick and Andrew and their female friend, (Jenny) and it touches on every possible detail of being a pubescent teenager. Everything from being in love/heartbreak, to masturbation, dating, porn, rumors, being the third wheel, feeling inadequate, to an odd case of teenage pregnancy. I probably named most of the episodes with that list, but whatever!

I laughed so hard during the first with the ‘Hormone Monster,’ I literally had to call my wife from upstairs to finish the first episode. Yes, we started that one over so she could catch up, and let’s just say that food/drinks were ordered and we definitely binged the entire season. I’m not the type of person to binge anything, but this show was well worth it.

As we continued the season, there were certain situations that personally touched each of us. Whether it was being the third wheel, or touching ourselves for the first time. For me, throughout the series, I could personally relate, or knew someone that went through crap in middle and high school. I swear, had this show been around when I was a teenager, so much would have made sense. I probably would have been better prepared for a ton of different situations.

Seriously, who remembers asking their parents, older sibling, or best friend about sex? Your first boner (is this term even used today)? The first period? The first porn watched? How awkward are things subjects even in today’s society? Who would have loved knowing what the opposite, or the same sex thought about sex and masturbation?

Again, this show is definitely for mature audiences only and will probably take you back to your youth, or prepare you for what’s to come (no pun intended). Viewers need to have tough skin, or be in the right mindset for something this silly. For me, Big Mouth did exactly added comic relief on a boring Friday night. Give it a chance if you dare!


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