Football….wtf? pt. 2

Let’s wander to our northern neighbors, Canada. CFL’s Hamilton Tiger-Cats have been in the news all this week and have come under scrutiny over the hiring of Art Briles. Again, if you’re a football lover, or follow the game, you’re probably scratching your head saying, wtf? I swear, no one does background checks anymore.

IF you’re new to the situation, Art Briles was fired from Baylor University for a major sexual assault scandal involving the football team when was the head coach. On August 28th, it was reported that Briles had received a position as a coach for the Tiger Cats. Shortly after that, Briles was fired.

How in the hell did this guy get hired by a CFL team in the first place? Did the Tiger-Cats not do a background check? Was there no questioning during the interview? Is there a huge lack of offensive coaches that the team had no other choices? I personally and probably hundreds of other people are thankful that Hamilton thought twice and took another look at this person who was to have a leadership role. Honestly, Briles should never be allowed to coach again. Why isn’t he black balled?

Not only did Hamilton have a shyt storm of backlash for the Art Briles move, to make matters worse, the team worked out Johnny ‘football’ Manziel later in the week. Again, unless you haven’t been following football for the last decade, why wasn’t this an immediate red flag? What are you doing Hamilton?

Manziel, who is one of the biggest busts of the NFL in my opinion, has proven time and time that he’s not ready for the spotlight. Everything about Manziel screams cocky and immature, who also had an incident with an ex-girlfriend. His off field problems were too much to handle that NFL coaches didn’t want to deal with him. Johnny may have had success as a college athlete, but quickly proved that he couldn’t handle the NFL.

I personally wonder who’s doing the scouting and hiring for the Tiger-Cats because they need to be fired. There has to be other qualified QB’s and offensive coaches out there. Did you really have to scrape the bottom of the barrel? I’m pretty sure that Hamilton would just rather just scratch this week like it never happened. But, it did and we all saw it!

Football…wtf? pt.1

The NFL…

What in the hell is going on with the sport of football these days? I mean

Let’s start with the NFL…the second chance league (for certain players). For years now, the NFL has become the leaders of shyt shows. Anyone who has watched, or followed the NFL in the last 5 years have seen a variety of huge fook ups. Everyone knows that Tom Brady blatantly cheated with the whole deflate-gate situation, but got a slap on the wrist because the NFL jumped to quickly with punishment? Ummm, ok?

What about the repeated domestic abuse cases? Here’s a league who says they’re trying to do right by women and victims of domestic violence, yet you welcome with open arms, Joe Mixon who was suspended for a year at Oklahoma for punching his girlfriend. IF the NFL was completely against Ray Rice coming back into the league for the same incident, why does this kid have a job?

Now, the NFL is facing more scrutiny over the Zeke Eliot case of alleged domestic violence. Zeke has proven that he indeed have some growing up to do, but the last time I checked, the NFL employs grown men. And I wish people stop trying to ‘soften the blow’ by saying, player’s are always in the lights, the big stage or whatever. Stop dismissing the fact that Zeke purposely exposed a female breast, or that something possibly did happen with his girlfriend. And at this point, it looks like Zeke may not get suspended or have his punishment reduced.

It’s amazing that the NFL is regarded as the ‘second chance’ league after known cheating and domestic violence abusers getting or keeping jobs, but Colin Kaepernick is not signed to a team! Let’s see, what did he do? Protesting the National Anthem to get the conversation about racial inequality started. I wonder if the same impact would have happened if Kaep were white? As far as we know, Colin hasn’t abused any family members, ex-girlfriends and didn’t cheat to win games.

This man has donated thousands of dollars to charities to support inequalities throughout the US. Kaep was simply black balled for taking a stand that he felt needed to be brought to the spotlight. Now, if teams don’t want to sign him because he’s not NFL QB caliber, then how does Brock Osweiler and Mark Sanchez still have jobs? Why is Roger Goddell so willing to ignore the situation? The NFL is so concerned with making the game ‘fun’ again by not flagging players for celebrations but are so quick to ignore real problems in the society.

Honestly, Kaep should have stayed with the 49ers since Kyle Shanahan was brought on as the new head coach. Although Shanahan is coming off a huge debacle at Superbowl LI. Kyle Shanahan has a proven track record of making good quarterbacks great. Now, if Kaep couldn’t make the cut under Kyle Shanahan’s offence, then ok, he doesn’t deserve a job…but to be black balled for taking a stand is some shyt!