Step Up Your Standards Heisman

After watching college football highlights, I was appalled when I saw the actions of OU’s quarterback, Baker Mayfield. But his actions weren’t all that surprising to me. Mayfield is just one of many football players (college and NFL) that I have zero respect for. What’s also surprising is the fact that this guy is still the Heisman front runner.

Ok, I get it…you have a chip on your shoulder because you felt like school ‘A’ did you wrong, so you transfered to school ‘B’ because you have something to prove. Why not just prove it on the field? Do you have to be a douche? I’ll give Mayfield credit, he’s a good quarterback in a college system, but will that translate at the pro level?

What sickens me, is that Mayfield is still the front runner of this year’s Heisman competition and I don’t understand why? Well, I get it, kind of. The Heisman selection committee only look at what happens on the football field and nothing else. Ok, point taken. But why not up your standards and look at not only happens on the football field but off it as well? What about character? Leadership? What players do for their communities? The only thing you hear about Saquon Barkley is his on-field play, but because Penn State lost two games, he’s no longer worthy?

Honestly, I’ve kind of lost respect for the Heisman and what it stands for for three reasons: (1) only offensive players win majority of the time, (2) I can’t remember the last a student from a non power conference won? (3) Johnny Manzel won the coveted trophy and we all know how that turned out. I honestly wonder that if the Heisman selection committee looked at more than just on field performance, would that catastrophe had happened?

I mean seriously, you have to go back to 1997 when Charles Woodson (CB) won the trophy. So defensive players, you know where you stand. IF you attend a school that’s not a powerhouse, you virtually have no chance ofwinning. Which is a shame because the quarterback at UCF, McKenzie Milton, is a hell of a quarterback, who hasn’t been in the news for on-field/off-field antics. And lastly, you mean that no other college football player was better than Manzel? Seriously?

Many people just write off Mayfield’s behavior by saying, ‘he’s just a kid.’ Umm, no! The last time I checked, he’s a grown ass man. We’re all taught right from wrong at an early age, so why should his behaviors be written off? Or, ‘it was the heat of the moment,’ and yet you should still keep your composure. As a college athlete, especially since you are a Heisman candidate, you have to know that eyes will be on you at all times. I mean when will you get it through your thick skull and when will we get fed up with his bullsh*t behavior.

It’s like every week, this guy is apologizing for something. Well, if you simply play the game and act like you have common sense, this wouldn’t be an issue. Mayfield, stop embarrassing yourself, your parents, your team, your coaches, OU and college football. His punishment…losing his captain status and not starting in today’s game. Really? OU grow a pair. This guy is supposed to represent your school and what you stand for. But realistically, OU can’t afford to not play him.