The THEATHER @ National Harbor (venue review)

Not too long ago I went to a Paramore show at the MGM’s Theater at National Harbor. While I’ve been to plenty of Paramore concerts, this was my first time at this venue. So here are my thoughts…

If I’m comparing both MGM’s (Vegas and the Harbor), the National Harbor in general is way brighter. Windows line the entire building and visitors have outside views throughout the place. There’s even a place to go outside to eat, hang out and a designated area to smoke. 

The venue itself is nice with three levels (the floor, a middle section, upper concourse and side balconies. The seats on the floor stretched along the stage and has two huge screens on both sides of the stage for audience’s viewing pleasure.

Now, for a rock concert, I wish the floor was designated as the ‘pit’ or general admission instead of having seats. It was like we couldn’t move. Typically when artists come on stage, everyone rush the stage to get as close as possible. Instead, people tried to push and squeeze to the center making it a bit uncomfortable. And, we couldn’t dance with these floor seats. So, imagine 6-8 rows and three sections of lined folding chairs that you can’t move. The lights go down, everyone lift their seats and push towards the middle….yea, it sucks. If it we’re a comedy show, floor seats makes sense but not for a rock concert.

Other than feeling cramped by a bunch of strangers, the venue is nice. The staff was friendly, exiting the venue (with the staff holding signs and blocking us off from hotel traffic) was a breeze. My other only gripe is exiting the building itself. There are about 6 elevators and way too many people all going to the parking garage. So people trying to cram into elevators was not fun. Where the hell were the stairs??? There were no stairs in sight..dammit! And then, everyone trying to make the left turn trying to exit the parking garage. That was a free for all. My advice…Good luck, be brave getting out there in trying to make your exit and hope that no one hits your car.